Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Water Wading

The weather was once again trying to make up its mind between winter and spring. During the night we got a couple inches of snow, but morning brought a steady rain. This not only added the rain water to the fields and creek, but also all that melted snow. It looked like a Spring thaw!



When the rain stopped at noon, I decided to take a gander at the "back 40" and test out the waterproof-ness of my new Keens from the Westerner.


There was an impressive amount water out back. The creek is suppose to run in front of those yellow garages!



A flock of geese flew overhead - possible suddenly deciding that it was high time they moved to a drier and warmer climate.


With the sky lightening, the reflections in the new "swampland" water was quite beautiful.


The colors of the wet grass and bark of the Dawn Redwood were amazing.


The dampness of the outside did not dampen our holiday spirit though! We set up our Christmas tree in the front dining room and strung it with lights. This is a pic pre-lights.


Decorating with ornaments will happen on Christmas Eve - a long family tradition. A new family tradition is drinking homemade eggnog while we decorate!


This "Star Trimmer", one of the Wee Forest Folk collectables that we sell at the inn. Our shop is open Wed. thru Sun. 10am to 5pm.

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  1. Just gorgeous pictures. I loved reading about the creek going where it is not supposed to go!