Saturday, December 15, 2012

Goats & Gourmets - Farmstead Goat Dairy

I love goat cheese, so I was very excited to discover this local goat dairy just 15 minutes away from our inn.



Goats & Gourmets is a small family run goat dairy that follows the true artisan farmstead tradition. They use only the milk produced on their farm and all products are handcrafted on site. This allows them to produce the freshest quality product. There are no added hormones or preservatives in the products.


They offer Chèvre (similar to cream cheese) in an array of luscious flavors, such as Dill Medley or Apricot (my fav), as well as seasonal flavors. Also available are Kefir (a probiotic drink with many health benefits) and Feta. They have also started work on some hard goat cheeses, like gouda.


They sell their products in a number of farmer's markets and grocery store's, but also have "Open barn" days, where you can go to the farm and see the goats and buy direct! On "open barn" days, you also could be luck enough to be there to snag one of the freshly baked breads from a local bread bakery. (We got the yummy potato bread that was perfect with the apricot chèvre.)

When we visited the owner even gave a tour of her milking and processing facility. It was easy to see why she was so proud of her spotless and efficient facility.

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