Friday, January 23, 2009

Afternoon Visitors

It has been fairly quiet at the inn, other than the sound of the chocolate tempering machines! However, yesterday we had some afternoon guests.

This is just one deer of a herd of about 7 or 8 that made their way over to our front lawn. I think this was the scout deer who was checking to see if it was a good idea to cross the road. Wisely, they decided to turn around and go back to the forest.

Our days are kept busy with the production of valentines chocolates for Life By Chocolate. The order from our wholesale accounts have just started to come in and we are getting a lot of interest from our radio ads and interviews on Go Vegan Radio (based in California) and Vegan World Radio (based in Houston, TX). We were also profiled in The Chocolate Guide - Eastern Region. Click the picture below to read more about this guide on It's a fun guide to chocolatiers in the Eastern US.