Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Spiffing-Up Projects

We took advantage of some days between inn guests to tackle some Spring projects.

I did the annual planting of marigolds in our herb garden. The garden had been doubled in size last year, so now I plant one half in marigolds and the other half in herbs. The marigolds are eatable and make lovely color accents in salads.


The old steps leading from the front lawn to the lower side lawn was repaired.


Next the painters arrived with this big hydraulic lift. This year they were painting the 3rd floor of the main inn, the cottage, and also power washing all the moss off the roof. They did a fabulous job and everything looks so fresh and new.


And then since they had the lift for the week, it only made sense to finally cut down the one dead and one dying 50 foot plus spruce trees that were next to the main inn. It was amazing how quickly and efficiently they cut down the trees and carted away the logs. See the size of that log that the one guy is lifting?!


Of course, we stopped to smell the flowers, too! All the lilacs around the property are scenting the air with the most wonderful aroma.


The river birches were also trimmed back. Several years ago as the result of a really heavy snow fall, several of the trunks were completely bent over and were practically touching the inn.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Marvelous Views Back Home in Greenville

I love to stay at B&Bs when we travel, and I'll admit to getting a little "innkeepers" envy when we discover such wonderful B&Bs as the last two we discovered.

But then we come home to our inn, the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn, and I fall in love with it all over again and remember that we've got quite the nice B&B, too!

Each week bring new flowers blooming all over the grounds.

We always get a lovely display of dandelions before the first mowing of the season.


The magnolia in the front side lawn is an amazing waterfall of blushing pink blossoms. Last year it was hit with a late frost and had hardly any blooms at all, so I think it is making up for that this year.




Another gem hidden amongst the tall lawn grass.


The dogwood tree out by the pool gets more beautiful every year.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Horses, Marvelous Views, and Hospitality Plus!

Returning from our recent trip to Virginia, we stopped for a one night stay at the Inn at Westwynd Farm in Hershey, PA. What a wonderful place! I could have moved in at once and stayed forever! But, alas our stay was to be all to brief.

I'm definitely marking this inn down for a repeat visit. I want to hang out on the front porch swing watching the sunset and the horses. I also want more of those "fudgey cookies!" The inn is also only a short drive from the Hershey chocolate center of the world, with fine dining (we ate at Devon Seafood Grill - excellent!), a huge amusement park, and historic tours.

Below are some photos from around the inn.