Monday, January 27, 2014

Shopping for Your Sweetheart

BrownRedWindowHeart lg

Ah, the scent of melting chocolate is wafting through the air at the inn. We have been busy making chocolates to fill the elegant Valentines boxes for the first rush of wholesale orders. We are making caramels, cordials - cherry & apricot, maple creams, and more of our signature gourmet chocolates. The heart boxes can be all dark chocolates, a mix of milk and dark chocolates or all vegan chocolates.

Dailydose sm

We also have our new "Daily Dose" a full half pound of solid chocolate hearts in a cute little purse box. The hearts are just right for a daily treat of chocolate.

M 414aWee Forest Folk collectable mouse figurines are another popular gift to delight your sweetheart. We have a selection of quite a few in our gift shop and they would be so adorable presented with a box of our Valentines chocolates.

M 477

Then while you're at it, why not treat your true love to a weekend getaway! This year Valentines day is on the Friday before the long Presidents Day Weekend. When you stay three nights or more at our inn you always get 10% off of our regular rates. (One night stays are always welcome, too!) Check out our Specials and Packages page on our website for all the cool extras you can add to your visit to make it really memorable.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Ice Sculpture

I always love to see what the weather will do with the little creek that runs through our property. It comes up with the most amazing ice sculptures!

This is the latest creation. It was the result of temperatures that went from 50 degrees and raining to -8 degrees over night. The rushing water was frozen at ever increasing heights to form this magnificent icy waterfall. The photos just don't do it justice.

IMG 1711

Another section of the creek had thick sheets of ice, that eventually cracked in the middle as the water levels fell below the ice.

IMG 1713

Right now the creek is back to just swiftly flowing water, so the stage is clear and waiting for the next creation!

In the meantime, we are staying warm inside enjoying the heady scent of dark chocolate as we begin making Valentines chocolates!

CocoPassiondk med

Our wholesale customers are placing their orders already and our shop will soon switch from Christmas to Valentines.

However, now's your chance to take advantage of our 35% off sale on the Christmas chocolates. Solid chocolate Santa Faces and Figures in organic dark, milk, or vegan chocolate.

SantaFace Milk