Monday, July 11, 2011

Clean and Green with CitraSolv

Here at the Greenville Arms, we believe in eco-responsibility and are always on the look out for ways to be ever "greener" in Greenville! We already recycle, reuse and re-purpose wherever we can. (If you ever look on the back side of your check-in form, you might notice that it is recycled wine menus, and we take phone reservation information on over-printed on unused Franklin Day Planner pages leftover from my days in the corporate world!)

To this end, we recently discovered a new product line called CitraSolv. It is a natural cleaner made with real essential oils derived from citrus peels. They have general cleaners and degreasers (handy in the kitchen), glass and window cleaners, spot removers, drain cleaners, laundry soap, hand and body soap, and air fresheners. They all have no artificial ingredients or scents and are NOT tested on animals.

All in all, some great cleaning and freshening products, but the funny thing is we were not introduced to the products as household cleaners, but as an art supply! Robert Burridge was teaching a workshop for our Hudson River Valley Art Workshops and he had a case of CitraSolv shipped to us for use in the class. He uses it to create the most amazing collage papers, but also touted it as a fabulous paint brush cleaner and household cleaner.

So I just had to look up this product online to learn more about it! After looking at CitraSolvs website, their eco and animal-friendly policies, and hearing more testimonials from both artists and inn guests who were familiar with the products, we decided to add the CitraSolv concentrate product to our Inn Shop because we already carry various art and fiber supplies for the art workshops.) I was sold!

But then when I contacted CitraSolv about placing an order, they told me about a photo contest they were having - "Get Out of the Dog House with CitraSpot" - a new spot removing product. All you had to do was email a photo of your favorite spot making dog!

Well, we definitely have a couple of "spot makers." So I submited this photo of Hudson and Bree, our Inn dogs.


I was incredibly surprised a short time later to learn that this photo was the grand prize winner in their contest! The prize was a box full of CitraSolv products -- and more important to Hudson and Bree -- 2 nice natural chewing bones!


I can't wait to try out these products around the inn. They have such lovely natural fragrances, too -- orange, lavender, and lemon verbena! Thanks, CitraSolv!