Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring is a Time for Change

Spring was a long time coming this year, so when the weather finally started to warm, like many I was struck with the urge to get to the closest nursery to buy some new plants for the garden!

Not planted this spring, but flowering for the first time are the gorgeous Muriel tulips, which my mother (who's name is Muriel) gave me for my birthday.

IMG 2162height="333" />

We also planted two pear trees in the front lawn. Pear trees are such lovely trees, with their shiny leaves, and if we happen to get some pears to eat, too, so much the better.

IMG 2169

The next major change was to the front porch garden. There use to be this big ugly shrub there. It was yanked out and in its place we planted three David Austin roses. The area surrounding the roses will be filled in with more perennials when I decide what they will be.

IMG 2171

On the other side of the front porch garden, we planted another rose bush, along with some foxgloves, hollyhock, delphinium, and some "Dalmatian" flowers. Also coming up in this area are more of the Muriel tulips that I planted last Fall.

IMG 2172

Mean while in the back yard, the flowering fence is being filled in with sprouting climatis and climbing roses.

IMG 2168

The pool is sparkling and ready to be open for Memorial Day.

IMG 2167