Wednesday, June 26, 2013


It summertime and the "livin' is easy." Actually it easy for our guests! We are still working hard to make sure that our guests are welcomed and pampered!

The pool is kept sparkling with daily cleaning.



Everyone enjoys hanging by the pool -- even this watercolor painting workshop with Tony van Hasselt, that is being held this week at the inn.


New flowers have been planted. This is a self-watering planter that I purchased from Gardener's Supply. It looks pretty and was simple to assemble. We'll see how it holds up over winter.


We've added two more climbing roses to the flowering pool fence. This one is called Don Juan.


The Korean Dogwood by the front driveway is putting on a tremendous display this year. It must like this hot/cold/wet weather we've been having.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peony Pink

The peonies are popping!


So are the iris and climatis.




After the last heavy rain fall, I clipped a bunch of peonies that had been bent over to the ground, and now the blooms are as big as dinner plates in the dining room bouquet.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gardening in the Heat Wave

We had several unseasonably hot days this past week, getting up to the 90s. I don't know why I decided that these would be the best days for gardening in the full sun, but I did.

One of waitstaff has a second job at Story's Nursery (my favorite place to buy plants) and she sometimes gets "plant rejects" - those plants that just didn't make the grade because they are too small or have gone too root bound. So she offer some of them to us. She gave us two flats of yellow and red onion starts recently. I don't really have a vegetable garden started yet, but how could I turn down these plant orphans. So I decided to plant them in our herb garden, spacing each one between the marigolds that I planted a couple of weeks ago.


The chives are doing great, as usual, but we keep the trimmed in use for the Goat Cheese and Chive with Scrambled Eggs breakfast dish and the Steak Diane dinner dish that we are going this year. The clive flowers look lovely in a vase on the tables!


The Peony patch is just about to burst out in pinks and whites.


This year I have a bird buddy that sits on this lilac branch outside my office window. He is there most of the day. Sometimes his bird partner joins him. They have a nest in the Bayberry bush that is on the the side outside my window. But this bird will sit there and stare at me, or sing, of groom his feathers for a good part of the day.