Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowscape at the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn

We finally got a nice covering of snow in our area, probably about a foot or two. It makes the landscape so beautiful and bright.

Here is a photo tour of the grounds that I took the morning after the snow storm.

The front porch - might need something a little warmer than hot chocolate to keep you warm in those chairs!

IMG 1739IMG 1743

Snow is piled high, but the roads were clear already in the early morning. The snow plow crews in our area are great.

IMG 1745IMG 1746IMG 1749

A decorative fringe of icicles!

IMG 1751

Pressed snow anyone? (This is an antique grape press that Mark got from his grandfather.)

IMG 1753

The back porch steps might need a little shoveling.

IMG 1755

More icicles on the rear of the Main Inn. This area always gets the mother of all icicles because it doesn't get any direct sunlight.

IMG 1757IMG 1761IMG 1762IMG 1763

Somewhere under all that snow is our creek.

IMG 1764

This is the front of the carriage house.

IMG 1765

The sculpture has a nice party hat of snow.

IMG 1767IMG 1768

The wishing well. I'll bet some of you are wishing for Spring!

IMG 1769IMG 1770IMG 1772IMG 1774IMG 1778IMG 1779IMG 1783

Icicle row behind the carriage house.

IMG 1785

The snow was up to my knees. My foot is somewhere down beneath that snow.

IMG 1786IMG 1787

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Two New Quilts for the Rooms

I just completed the tops for two new quilts for the rooms. This is a Queen and Twin set for one of the 5 rooms that have that bed configuration.

They will now be taken to a local longarm quilter for quilting. When I get them back, I'll need to finish them off with a binding and then they will be ready to add to one of the rooms. I'm deciding between the North Cottage and Room 2.

IMG 1731IMG 1737

Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow and Savory Kitchen Adventures

While the East Coast has been getting their share of major snow storms, up here in the Catskills, the snow has been pretty light, comparatively. So we were happy to finally get a nice snow fall to blanket the landscape with a fluffy blanket of the cold stuff.

The dogs love going for walks around the property through the soft snow. They often stick their whole face under the snow to sniff the tantalizing scents underneath - mainly deer tracks!

IMG 0307IMG 0309IMG 0310

I love all the shadows created by the trees!

But speaking of tantalizing scents, winter is also the time when we are experimenting with new recipes for the year. One of the recent dishes was a Roast Pork Loin with Pears and Cider.

IMG 0306

It was a tasty dish with wonderfully delicate flavors. I just wish I'd had something to sop up all that luscious sauce!