Friday, January 14, 2011

Town Park As a Snowy Wonderland

I love the four seasons for the particular beauty that each one brings to our area. So the last time we had an over night snow storm, I couldn't resist going for a walk in the early morning to snap just pictures of the predawn beauty of one of our town parks.


The gazebo is host to music performances and BBQ cookouts in the summertime. It overlooks the pond, which is the white expanse in the foreground of the photo. The first building after the gazebo is the Greenville Library. Next is the All Arts Matter building, host to a wide variety of visual and performing arts events.


This is the clock at the park. Looks fetching in its white hat!

Below is the main intersection in Greenville - Route 32 and Route 81. The streets were totally empty while I was out walking around, but you can see what a good job the snow plow crews do in keeping the roads clear.


This picture is looking West across the town pond. Those small trees are the 50 or so little Christmas trees that are put around the park by the Rotary Club and then sponsored and decorated by local businesses (including us). In the evening their lights are on.


On the walk back to the inn I passed the Ann Lafferty Real Estate office, festively decked out in Christmas lights and The Towne and Country Shoppe, a fine family consignments shop. They have wonderful deals on not only gently used items, but brand new overstock items. Mark bought a fabulous new coat from them.


Back at the inn, here is our snow covered creek . . .


. . . and a vintage urn brimming with snow.


The outdoor sculpture is always lovely with the addition of a little snow.
This is a piece by Lisa Friedlander of California.


The picnic table by the swimming pool also had a good topping of the fluffy white stuff.


More awe inspiring quiet beauty in that cool gray-ish blue of early morning.




Friday, January 7, 2011

Hot Chocolate Weather

The snow is gently falling all around Greenville Arms 1889 Inn today. It makes me what to sit by a window with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book or my knitting.


The weather reports are predicting about 2 - 4 inches of fluffy white stuff, but the snow plows have been keeping the roads totally clear.

Without any wind, like the last snowfall, it is really quite pleasant outside and I love to see the snow collecting on the trees and scrubs.


The wishing well (the actual water well for the property before the property was connected to city water lines) is always picturesque in the winter.


Two of our most popular rooms in the winter (or any time) are the cottage rooms. Each of them has a gas fireplace and a whirlpool tub for two. The rooms are known as the South Cottage and the North Cottage.


Bundling up and sitting on the cottage porch with a hot beverage is fun, especially when it is snowing!


If you are looking for a more active stay in our area, the area ski resorts are getting plenty of packed powder! Windham Mountain and Hunter Mountain are just about 40 minutes away from our inn.