Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Strolling the Inn Grounds

A quick photo stroll around the inn grounds! These were taken just about a month ago and already there are so many more flowers all around. These are actually peonies from our assistant innkeepers garden. They are tree peonies that bloom earlier than our regular peonies and she always brings in her "excess" to brighten the main inn common rooms. IMG 0929 Bree, our ridgeback, is trying to look noble and worried at the same time. She hates to walk on the wet grass, but she loves going on walks. IMG 0933
IMG 0935
This is the herb garden with the marigolds just after planting. Now they have completely filled in the bed and you can't even see the dirt anymore. IMG 0937 Here is Bree, the dog who hates to walk in wet grass, showing us that she will make an exception for wading into the fresh puddles of rain water for a nice cooling drink. IMG 0940 The chives are going wild, which is great because I use them in my goat cheese and chives scrambled egg special. Yum. IMG 3317 This year we had robin build a nest right above the bend in the rainspout. A much smarter location than their usual spot above a doorway! IMG 3319

Friday, June 26, 2015

Spring Landscape at the Inn

I love the Spring when the landscape burst forth with vibrant shades of green and the perennials let me know that once again they have survived the winter! Here's a little photo stroll around the grounds. IMG 3283
IMG 3284
IMG 3286
IMG 3287
IMG 3291
IMG 3293
IMG 3296
This year I'm trying all zinnias in the driveway garden (between the daffodils). I hope they do better than the marigolds last year. IMG 3299
My decorated duck for the community art project (QuackQuackGreenville) is now up on the porch for a better view of the garden. IMG 3300

Monday, March 30, 2015

St Patrick's Day Parade Goes On Undeterred by Snow

We always look forward to the annual St Patrick's Day Parade because then we know that Spring is here! Well, almost . . . On the morning of the parade snow was steadily falling and we thought that the parade might have to be postponed. But it only took an hour delay and the snow stopped the "sun" came out and soon all the snow on the roads was clear and ready for the marchers.

IMG 3088
IMG 3089
IMG 3090
IMG 3091
IMG 3092