Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Innkeepers Thanksgiving

For the first time it quite a while Mark and I were alone on Thanksgiving, except for the inn guests, but they were eating with family in the area and not with us. Even so, the traditional Thanksgiving meal is some thing we love to prepare.

We bought a straight-from-the-farm fresh turkey - a 20 pounder! It was the smallest they had, and we were will to enjoy leftovers for the rest of the week.

The first step was to prepare the stuffing. Mark did all of the chopping and slicing.


The layers build in the stuffing bowl - french bread, parsley, sautéed onions, pine nuts for starters.


I did the sauté work and the mixing.


Once the stuffing was done the the turkey stuffed and in the oven, there was time to kill. So Mark decided to finish off a batch of butter crunch toffee for Life By Chocolate. It is a big seller both in our shop, online and to the stores we wholesale to, so Mark is constantly having to make more. Here it is getting the one of the layers of dark chocolate.



Next comes the sprinkling of organic roasted and chopped almonds.



Back to Thanksgiving dinner. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes were one of the side dishes. The sweet potatoes are baked, scooped out, mashed and then sautéed leeks and Italian Sausage crumbs are folded in.


Sometimes I put this filling back in the sweet potato skins, but this time I just loaded up some ceramic boats. They are topped with cheese and then baked to warm and melt the cheese.


The other side dish this year was sautéed brussel sprouts with hazelnut butter.



I never liked brussel sprouts -- until I discovered this recipe. Yum!


Finally the turkey was done to a delicious turn! Dinner is served.


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