Thursday, April 29, 2010

Robin's Fixer-Upper Nest

The robins are once again picking some questionable nest locations around the inn.

One particular family decided to move into this fixer-upper (the nest was built last year). They re-lined the nest and shored it up with a little mud to make sure it was sturdy.

I guess there will be no croquet playing until these little eggs have hatched and the robins flown the nest!

This nest is located right on our front porch, next to our front door. Not the most private of locations, but in past years a robin has successfully raise 3 babies in a nest on top of a Christmas wreath that I waited too long to take down.

The Spring flowers are blooming all over the property.

The magnolia in the side yard has put on a magnificent display despite losing a number of big branches to a heavy winter snow.

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