Tuesday, June 28, 2016

First of Summer Tour

It has been such a busy year so far, what with one thing or another, that blogging has take a back seat to other things. But here is a quick tour of what is currently happening in the garden. This is the carriage house side garden. IMG 1980 The new David Austin roses planted last year along the flowering fence are producing some wonderful rich pick flowers. IMG 1981 Looking over the fence to the enclosed garden area. IMG 1982 A flowering fence climatis. IMG 1983 I've added quite a few foxgloves around the property. These are Dalmatian foxgloves that I'm trying out in the cottage sunny side garden. IMG 1984 Love those spots! IMG 1985
IMG 1986
IMG 1988
Because we had to cut down a big spruce tree that was just about dead next to the driveway, we now have a new bright sunny spot to fill in. I'm trying out some Echinacea, Bee Balm, and Lavender. IMG 1990 The front garden is filling in with lots of daisies, foxglove, roses, iris, and delphiniums. IMG 1992
IMG 1993 After that little tour around the gardens, a nice cold beer might be nice. We have an extensive wine and beer menu and I just added a couple of new options. We already have a couple other of the Flying Dog beers (from Maryland) and now have Counter Culture and Bloodline Blood Orange Ale. (I have to admit that I got the Bloodline because of the label - that crazy looking Dalmatian - but the sales guy at the distributor said it was one of his favorites! IMG 2027
IMG 2028 Also new is the Chimay Rouge a premiere Belgium ale. The Rogue Chocolate Stout was already on our list, and is quite popular. IMG 2029 Finally, there is the Wexford Irish Style Creme Ale - light and creamy! IMG 2030

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