Monday, April 11, 2016

Is it Really Spring?

We were busy gearing up for Spring after a cold but practically snowless winter. The studio was turned into a silk flower arranging workshop with Regina, our head waitress, working her creative magic. IMG 1593
IMG 1594 A new batch of pumpkin parsley wheat-free dog biscuits was made for welcoming any canine guest to our inn. IMG 1592 We freshened up some bathrooms with new shower curtains. IMG 1599 And we organized and restocked our art supply shop for the incoming art and fiber art workshops that we'll have this year (about 38 workshops!). Our art supply shop is open to the public year-round. We carry all sorts of supplies, notions, and tools for artists of a variety of media - watercolor, oil, pastel, acrylic, and quilt artists. IMG 1601 During our fiber art workshops, we also get a mini fabric and notions shop supplied by our good friends from Log Cabin Fabrics in Selkirk (just 20 minutes from our inn). IMG 1602
IMG 1603
IMG 1604 Here is one of the magnificent finished bouquets creative by Regina. IMG 1613 The weather was looking perfect - sunshine and 60s and 70s. IMG 1618 Then - April Fools - Mother Nature decided to play a joke on us and this is what happened! IMG 3789
IMG 3790
IMG 3791
IMG 3792
IMG 3793
IMG 3794 We love a good joke! Especially one that results in such a beautiful snowy landscape that we were missing all winter. Besides, the snow on the ground lasted only a couple days and now we are back to spring green everywhere!

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