Monday, July 28, 2014

Fish & Game - A Fabulous Farm to Table Restaurant in Hudson, NY

During a brief break after the 4th of July weekend, we had the opportunity to finally try the new (or new to us!) farm-to-table restaurant in Hudson, NY - Fish & Game.

The restaurant is located on 3rd St near Warren St (the main "drag" in Hudson) so it is very easy to find and plenty of on-street parking, at least when we were there.

Upon entering the establishment, we were immediately charmed by the blend of rustic and modern decor. It felt very welcoming and comfortable.


The menu for dinner is an seven course tasting menu, with 2 optional courses, which, of course, we opted for! They do not list the menu on their website because they are all about "fresh from the farm." This means that the menu is always changing as it is based on what happens to be available on that particular day/week from the many local farms that they showcase in their dishes. They also make it clear when you make the reservation that there are no menu or ingredient substitions. What they serve is what you get. Lucky for us, that's our favorite way to dine - surprises from the kitchen!

IMG 0446

I just took a few quick photos of two of my favorite dishes because I was there to enjoy the experience and not be a food paparazzi!

This was a tender and sumptuous layering of pork belly and strawberries. Yum. It practically melted in my mouth.

IMG 0447

I loved this combination of oh so fresh peas with onions, basils, and garlic scapes. One of my favorite things about having an organic vegetable garden is being able to pick fresh peas and eat them right off the vine. This was almost like that, but better because of the blend of other flavors.

IMG 0448

I would definitely recommend trying Fish & Game when you are in our area. Hudson is only about 30 minutes from our Inn and is always a fun town to visit for the great restaurants and shopping.

The Full Tasting Menu during our visit:

  • Mushroom and Onion Top Bouillon with spicy garlic paste
  • Bluefish with cucumber, cherries, and kimchi
  • Pork Belly with strawberries and sprouted fenugreek
  • Peas with onions, basils, and garlic scapes
  • Lamb and Rice Porridge with sprouted wheat berries and leaves
  • Beet Chips with shiso cream, chicory, and chocolate
  • Anise Hyssop Cake with toasted sweet oat milk

The optional courses were a hardboiled egg wrapped in thin sliced cured ham as a starter and then a final course of local cheeses.

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