Friday, July 4, 2014

Around and About at the Inn

I always enjoy walks around the inn to discover what new flowers are blooming.

I finally got the planter boxes planted with flowers. Spring was so late in coming and then zipped by so fast and into summer that somehow the planter boxes were neglected in favor of rose and tree planting.

Here we have some petunias and some plant that I grabbed when the clerk at the nursey said "get one more 4 pack and all the 4 packs will be cheaper." I think it might be some sort of daisy. We'll see once it blooms.

IMG 2339

The side carriage house garden is coming along nicely, but its full color is yet to come in the summer with all the coneflowers. The butterfly bush in the center is once again "playing dead." It may in fact be dead, but the last time it looked like this I cut it way back in preparation of pulling it out, but then it started to sprout new growth. So I've done that again, cutting it back to short stumps, and if there is no signs of life, I'll dig it out next spring and put in something else.

IMG 2340

This is the New Dawn climbing rose along the flowering fence that we put in 2 years ago. It is just covered with pale pink blooms that have a lovely light fragrance.

IMG 2341

The climatis are doing really well in their 2nd year, too.

IMG 2342IMG 2343

This year I have all orange marigolds in the side lawn herb garden.

IMG 2344

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