Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Colorizing and the Myth of the Dung Bunny

We have a pot full of hard boiled eggs ready for colorizing. Since we don't have family in the area, Mark and I will have our own little egg coloring party. Besides, I've been hankering for some deviled eggs and we might as well have fun with the white shells before cracking them to smithereens!


Now, I bet you're wondering what the dung bunny myth is all about!

When we first moved into the Greenville Arms around 8 years ago, we had added a few of our personal home decor items around the inn. One of these items, a brown bunny figure, caused quite the stir with our housekeeping staff. They must have had misgivings about us to start with - a couple from California, the land of Hollywood and Valley Girls (not that we lived anywhere near LA!) moving to rural New York to take over a Victorian Country Inn. The sight of the brown bunny in the front parlor confirmed their suspicions that we were clueless about country life. There was much whispered discussion amongst themselves and they decided to take pity on us and move the offending bunny out of the house and onto the front porch.

I'm sure they were disturbed when they kept finding that I moved it back into the front parlor! Finally the head housekeeper stepped forward and mentioned to me that is was probably not a good idea to keep a DUNG bunny (one made out of pressed cow manure) in the front parlor!

Luckily for everyone, we were not the city slickers that they thought we were and certainly knew the difference between a dung bunny and a stone bunny! I was well aware of the dung bunny product that was popular that year for gardens, but I assured them that our brown STONE bunny was NOT one of those! We all had a good laugh over this case of mistaken identity.

So here is our bunny all dressed for Easter, ready to preside over the finished basket of colored eggs.


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