Monday, December 2, 2013

Collectable Mouse Miniatures - Wee Forest Folk

Wee Forest Folk are the fanciful creations of the Petersen family of Massachusetts. 2013 found this family business celebrating 40 years of handcrafting mouse miniatures. Each figure is all U.S.A. made, employing skilled artists in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island to paint all the tiny and many layered details on these tiny works of art.

Each mini sculpture starts with an idea and a lump of clay. The finished sculpture is then cast in whiteware and hand painted using tiny paint brushes. The painting involves many colors, layers and techniques to get just the right looks for these adorable mice.

Each mouse is marked on the base with the designers initials - either Annette Petersen (the founder) or Willy or Donna Petersen (the son and daughter).

Unlike most collectables that are made by the millions overseas, only a few hundred of each Wee Forest Folk figure is made, which is why these pieces very often increase in value. There are even several collectors clubs that host yearly conferences (such as Mouse Expo in California) and keep a master list of current prices of retired pieces.

We carry a large selection of Wee Forest Folk in our retail shop and it always makes me smile to look at them. They are great gifts, even for non-collectors. We have a wonderful array of figures for holidays, professions, sports, and fun.






When you purchase a mouse from us you are automatically enrolled in our 5/6 program, which means that every 6th mouse figure you purchase from us is 50% off! We also offer free shipping on all mouse purchases.

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