Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Mugs from Deneen Pottery

We just got a new shipment of our logo mugs from Deneen Pottery. They are wonderful as always.


Deneen offers such fabulous color selections that I like to order something different every year.

We also finally got a Life By Chocolate mug! This is the Rancher mug style - nice and big for a lovely mug of hot chocolate.


The Life By Chocolate mug will soon be available for purchase from our online chocolate shop. All of the mugs are available for purchase at our inn or over the phone.

In case you didn't know, Deneen Pottery is a family run business in MN that has been making custom hand-made pottery for 40 years. Each mug is formed by hand on a potter's wheel! I would highly recommend them if you or your company needs custom mugs for a special event. They are wonderful to work with, too!


  1. I believe there are two lovely kids out here in Seattle, WA that would love to get their hands on two of those new Life By Chocolate Mugs! Just up our alley!

    1. I thought so! They would go well with your dinnerware.

  2. Love your mugs! How much are they, please? Also, what is the shipping charge to Charlotte, NC? Thank you so much!