Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Comes Marching In

I always look forward to the annual St Patrick's Day parade in Greenville for a number of reasons. Number one - I just love a parade. There is something about a parade, especially a small community parade, that is so joyous and full of local spirit. Number two - this parade marches right past our inn, so anyone here always has a front row seat. (This year I watched the parade from my 3rd floor quilt/art studio window.) Number three - it means it is finally Spring!


When Mark posted this picture on FaceBook, someone commented that that was an awfully long line for the chocolate shop and it would have been quicker if they just ordered their chocolate online!


Both the Greenville High School and the Cairo/Durham High School marching bands were in the parade.




Wouldn't be a parade without some festively dressed animals!


The parade line up is always topped off with an impressive line up of the fire department engines and trucks.



The next Greenville Parade is on Memorial Day. It's an even bigger parade and while it does go directly pass the inn, you can watch it go by just a short walk away a the main intersection in Greenville (Route 32 x Route 81).

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