Friday, June 17, 2011

Flowering Fence

We've started a flowering fence along the entrance to the pool by trimming back the dead hemlock trees to 5' trunks and then planting a variety of climatis vines at the base of each trunk. Some of these vines have done better than others.


But this is a work in progress. So I'm not too bothered when some critter decides to take bit out a plant at the base of a vine that had almost climbed to the top of the trunk!


Next year we'll replace and add more vines as needed. We are also thinking of adding in a climbing rose or two to give us a full season of flowers.

The vines on the side of the Main Inn, however, are going gangbusters! Of course, they will all be removed when it is time to paint that portion of the inn again. Keeping our property looking spiffy includes painting a portion of the buildings each year -- it's too big to do all in one year.


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