Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lemonade Day in Greene County

Lemonade Day in Greene County, NY is an event designed to teach children how to set up a business and manage their earnings and expenses. Groups of children, with the assistance of an adult supervisor, register to build a lemonade stand at a certain location in Greene County, to be open for May 1st - the official Lemonade Day.

There were close to a dozen wonderful and inventive lemonade stands within a short walk of our inn, mostly around one of the town parks.

Here are couple of the lemonade stands at the park.


Mad Dog Lemonade was one of my favorites!




It was a beautiful Spring day in Greenville for the event, as you can see by the lovely reflection in the town pond.


What a difference between this photo and the one I took just a couple of months ago when the pond was frozen and the landscape covered in snow!

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