Friday, May 21, 2010

Leaving the Nest

Two of the robins from the nest on our front porch have stretched their wings and gone off on their own.

One was intentional and the other accidental. We were sitting on the front porch having coffee (well away from the nest, of course), when one of the robins slipped from the nest. He made a good try at flapping his wings, which at least slowed his decent. He was soon hopping around on the porch calling for his mother!

Then a moment later, not be be out done by his sibling, another baby robin flew out of the nest. This one hopped around a few minutes and then flew off into the trees. He was definitely ready to leave the nest.

It was funny to watch the remaining robins eyeing the two who were out of the nest, trying to decide if they should do it too, or wait til mother was back to give them another meal or two.

They finally setting on waiting.

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