Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowy Days

It seem that winter has finally decided to visit us here at the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn.

I just love it when all of the trees are coated with snow --- however --- I think this may be a bit too much!

Luckily these are flexible river birches and the next day when the snow had fallen off, these trees had sprung right back up.

The snow kept the snow plows busy. We had to have our driveway and parking lot plowed twice in one day.

Yesterday the snow fall let up a bit in the afternoon so we got to take our dogs out to play. Hudson loves water in any shape or form and he had a blast bounding around in the snow.

Bree had a fun time too, but as we made our way back out towards the cottages . . .

Bree made a beeline for the cottage porch. From this vantage point she could what Hudson running around and pick just the opportune time to jump on him.

After bit of running around like crazed hounds, Hudson and Bree enjoyed some cooling mouthfuls of fluffy snow.

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