Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Time Garden Tour

The recent rains have really given the gardens a boost of growing and greening. Here is quick little photo tour of some of the highlights.

This is the kitchen herb garden, all spruced up and ready for the new season. Last year it was over run with mint, so all of that was cleared out. After all how many mojitos can one consume in a summer. ;-)

We did leave the chives in the center, though. They've already come in handy for the Leek and Potato soup that I made for dinner on Wednesday.

We will probably be planting some Tarragon, Rosemary, Basil, and Thyme this year, as they seem to be the herbs that we use the most.

The White garden has a interloper! Who put the red tulip in there? Probably a squirrel.

Well, there is a little bit of blue in the White garden, too. A Jack Frost Brunnera. Maybe it was a patriot squirrel - wanted some red, white and blue in the garden.

This is our huge ancient lilac, which is next to the carriage house and cottage. It is magnificent covered in deep pink blooms, but also awesome covered in snow!

This is one of the pool side gardens. I'm still working on getting the right mix of perennials for this area. Because of the tall grasses in the center, one side is in full sun and the other is in the shade. Another issue to deal with is that the plants have to be very hardy - our dogs sometimes think the inner ring, between the grasses and the flowers is a great running track.

There are violets popping up all over, but I loved this little scene against the trunk of a maple tree near the main inn. Great moss on the tree trunk, too.

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