Monday, December 22, 2008

A Winter Fairy Land

We finally had a nice picturesque snow! We got about 8 inches on Friday and another 8 inches on Sunday. It was wonderfully fluffy and light - which is great when you are clearing walkways with a shovel!

I took these pictures on Sunday. It was so quiet as I walked across the street to take the pictures of the front of the inn. Every noise was hushed by the snow.

The shot below is looking towards the carriage house from driveway by the main inn.

The lighting is still gray and overcast in these photos, but as I was out clearing the walkways around the carriage house (yet again) on Sunday, the clouds suddenly parted to reveal a brilliant blue sky. It was absolutely stunning. I had to pause and just drink in the sight. I quickly finished the clearing and ran in to get my camera to try to capture this awesome sight, but just at that moment some inn guests arrived and by the time that they were checked in and everything squared away, the blue sky was dimming. Sigh. I'll have to try to catch it again some other time.

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